The long distance relationship. You meet the perfect guy; he’s smart, funny, attractive, and you’re in love! The only downside…it requires a plane ride to see him. It’s not the most convenient situation but with a little work and T.L.C., that long distance relationship can be successful. Put in the effort and the rewards can actually outweigh the disadvantages. Take these steps to build a healthy long distance relationship:

Communication is key. Thanks to technology, staying in touch with your out of state partner is quite easy. Phones, Facetime, Skype, texting, instant messaging and email allow us to stay connected 24-hours a day. While it’s easy to communicate, remember to do so effectively. Texting is convenient, but it is important to make time for phone calls - and be present on each call. Your significant other may have looked forward to speaking to you all day so don’t blow him off.

Don't Assume He's Cheating. It is important to trust your guy. The distance may prevent you from spending every Friday and Saturday night with him; but don’t assume he’s up to no good. He will quickly tire of your questioning and jealousy, so keep the faith. You’re keeping your commitment, so why wouldn’t he?

Plan Ahead. Most likely, your time together is limited, so, make the most of every moment. Just like any relationship it is important to have fun! Take turns visiting each other’s city and really explore what each place has to offer. Try new things as a couple. Be creative, throw in some surprises. It’s great to relax together, but include some fun in the mix. He doesn’t want to spend money on travel to sit on your couch. Also, use the time you have together to plan your next visit so you have something to instantly look forward to.

Keep the Romance Alive. Long distance relationships can put a damper on intimacy - IF you let it. You can keep the sizzle - even if you're miles apart. Remember, technology is our friend. If you have absolute trust in your man, send him a pic every now and then that is meant for his eyes only. Text him a naughty line or two when you know he’s in a boring staff meeting. Think of it as extended foreplay for your next visit. You will practically be ripping each other’s clothes off within minutes of seeing each other!

Work on Next Steps. If your long distance relationship is strong, work on putting together a plan to be in the same city. Be mindful that this is going to take commitment and compromise from both parties. If not, then one person may end up resenting the other. You may have to give up your job and your city, or maybe you both will by moving to a neutral city and starting fresh together. Either way, the next steps should be exciting. There will be many changes so make sure to take it slow and make decisions together.

Things to Avoid:

Constant Nagging. He has a schedule and commitments just like you. If he cannot return your call or text right away, don’t take it personally and instigate an argument. The nagging will become unattractive real fast.

Picking a Fight at the End of a Weekend Visit. As your weekend is nearing its end, emotions are high. Your sadness may cause you to pick a silly fight. It’s an easy mistake to make, but if it becomes a habit, it will start to wear on your man. Always end the weekend on a high note and focus on your next planned weekend together.

Don't Compare Your Relationship to Your Friends' Relationship. This is a good rule in general, but it is imperative that you don’t compare what you have - to your friend who sees her guy every day. Every relationship is different, besides, we don’t always know what goes on behind closed doors. Your BFF may not have the best relationship after all. Just stay focused on what you have.

Don't be too Dependent. Make sure to have your own life and plans to keep yourself busy. If you decide to stay home on a Saturday night, don’t expect your guy to as well. There will be a lot of nights when you are out and he’s home alone. Surround yourself with a great support system in your city.

So…are you ready to say YES to a long distance relationship? Don’t be afraid to go with your gut and your heart. Many couples go through time apart for one reason or another and it can strengthen your relationship. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder…And, the extra frequent flyer miles can be a nice perk as well!