Fame and fortune – that’s attractive. A guy with a great job, nice home and car – all of that will score you points. A striking physical appearance – um, yes please. Naturally these are all things that any woman would find appealing. But guess what? If you’re looking for a lady with good core values, none of that matters if your personality lacks integrity. Why? Women are emotional creatures. We think and feel with our emotions. If you have a good personality, that can put you on the fast track to winning our hearts. Here is how:

Be Generous
You don’t have to have a large bank account to be generous. You can carry a little old lady’s groceries to her car. You can give your waiter a break when he’s obviously having a bad night. You can let someone pull in front of you in traffic. Generosity - not the “look at my good deed” – or “give to get” mentality – but true generosity shows her that you care about people. A man who finds joy in seeing someone on the receiving end of his kindness, is so unbelievably attractive. If this is innately you…truly you, then congratulations and thank your Mother!

Be Fun
If you enjoy sitting at home drinking Jack and watching 50 sports channels, then that is absolutely your right and you probably have a few girl friends (not girlfriends) who wouldn't mind hanging with you for a game or a race or a MMA fight on occasion. Surely, you’re tons of fun!! But here’s the deal, your girlfriend doesn’t want that all the time. She may like it at first because she likes you- and enjoys spending time with you. She may be able to drink you under the table and kick your ass in MBA trivia, but I have yet to meet a woman who doesn't want to go out and have fun with her man. Take her out! Go to a concert. Go to dinner. If you can’t afford it, plan a picnic. Make her a CD of her favorite band and listen to it together under the stars. Take her swimming. Fly a kite! Anything! Don’t assume that because she succumbed to your lifestyle that she actually likes it. She likes you. Don’t be a dud.

Be Fair
Do you feel like you have to win every argument? Some people enjoy confrontation. Some will do anything in their power to avoid it. Neither is healthy in extreme. It’s normal to have differences, and it’s nice to be able to talk it out. Be willing to take her feelings into consideration. Really try to understand her perspective. You may be right and she may be wrong. If she knows that you truly listened to her point of view, you will most likely find a middle ground at the very least - and at best - she will be more than willing to admit she was wrong. This goes both ways, though. Keep an open mind.

Be Complimentary
If you think she’s beautiful, by all means, tell her. She wants to feel like you think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Tell her she’s sexy. Flirt with her. Hold her hand, look in her eyes and make her feel special and loved. Tell her you appreciate her, compliment her hard work, hug her out of the blue and whisper something sweet in her ear. Everyone wants to feel wanted. It’s easy to get caught up in work, family, church, sports, friends, etc., but don’t let a good lady slip on your list of priorities. A man who understands this and puts effort to ensure his girl feels cherished, is indeed a very smart man.

Be Safe
Whether you’ve dated her for 2 weeks or 2 years, she wants to feel safe. It should go without saying that this security she seeks is of personal safety and security, but that’s not all. She wants to know that if she gives you her heart, you will protect it; if she tells you her fears, you will validate them; if she tells you a secret, you will keep it for life; if she shares her body, you will treasure it. When she feels safe, she will open up emotionally and physically. She will want to explore all great things possible with you.

Remember, women are emotional, and it’s not a negative thing. You can be the quintessential lady’s man on the surface, but if you don’t tap into what matters to her core, then prepare for a hollow relationship.