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How many relationships have been ruined by that one insecure person who imagines that their partner is cheating – when, in reality, he’s having fun with his friends, or she’s just spending extra time with her children, or he’s working late hours. Sometimes our imagination runs wild. We can choose to deal with it a number of ways:

  1. Have our suspicions, but keep them to our self (and slowly become insecure to the point that he/she doesn’t like us any more because we’re no fun!)
  2. Confront the issue head-on. Bring it up, and talk it out. This is our recommendation.

After this conversation, we have to decide whether we’re:

a. Going to trust and move forward based on his / her word

b. Going to move forward but keep our secret gut-wrenching suspicions top of mind

c. Going to end things because – while he / she has a perfect explanation, our gut tells us otherwise

d. Going to move forward, be our affectionate self that he / she fell for in the first place, confident because we have a Player Detector that’s got us covered.

Get answers. Put your mind at ease. Move Forward. With your own Player Detector.

Have you ever wondered whether he’s talking to other girls on dating sites? Our Player Detector can Find Out For You.

Want to know if he’s cheating? Private Investigators are expensive. Our Player Detectors have a few Tricks up their Sleeves and know how to dig like a P.I. without the high price tag.

  • We don’t deal with married people.

  • We don’t put ourselves in harm’s way.

  • Your situation is confidential.

  • Our findings are not meant to stand in a court of law. We refuse to enter a legal battle based on any findings through our Player Detector program.

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