As I stood by my best friend through divorce proceedings that lasted almost 2 years, the only thing more amazing than what the court system was actually putting her through, was her ability to maintain composure at all times.

Her husband of 18 years left her and their three teens for another woman, and also refused to pay child support or alimony. My friend married right out of high school and never worked outside the home, so you can imagine her difficulty finding a job. As she scrambled to get a job making minimum wage to put food on the table, her ex was buying a half-million dollar home and a boat. It was hard to watch. She held her head up. She refused bashing him on social sites. In the most difficult months of her life, she kept her composure.

"I knew if I let one ounce of his hatred infect my being, I would be consumed by it," she said. "I can retaliate, make his life miserable and embarrass him alll day long - but it won't change the outcome, and I'll just be drained of the energy I need right now."

My friend was right. She watched as he took on another family and left hers behind. She sent her 3 children to visit him and his new clan every other week. She struggled to pay bills and got evicted twice. Yet, she stayed on her course of gracefulness and it all turned out in her favor…eventually.

Karma. Karma was her friend.

Her children had no idea what a creep their father actually was. That’s because she protected them from his harsh words and irrational behavior for 18 years. It didn’t take long for that cat to come out of the bag. A year later, her children refused to visit their father.

His cheating and deceitful personality spilled over into his professional life and he was eventually fired for some type of illegal activity.

This is not to say that Karma is going to catch up to every scumbag. We have no control – or way of knowing if it will. What we can control is our actions.

My friend’s ex handled the situation so terribly, and is known all over town for being the jerk that he revealed himself to be. Any retaliation on behalf of my friend could have shed a negative light on her character. She dealt with a terrible situation with dignity and got through it. She has been an inspiration in difficult times.

Hard times may hang around longer than we want, but logically, we have to know – they won’t last forever. Do your best with the hand you’re dealt, so when good times roll back around, you can be proud of how you behaved. Lose the Anger. Proceed with grace.