How to Make Him Think of You When You're Apart

How do you make sure you’re top of mind with your guy when you are apart?  Unfortunately, no one has invented that Love Potion #9, so it may require a bit of thought and effort on your part. Whether you’re dating casually or in a steady relationship, here are a few ideas on how to keep his thoughts of you front and center – even from afar…

Stay Positive

Life can be hectic. Our jobs can be demanding.  For you, and your guy.  It’s nice to have that person for whom you can vent after a frustrating day, but go easy on him.  Don’t make a habit of complaining on a regular basis.  Instead, focus on being that ray of sunshine that he fell for. Be happy, pleasant and positive when you’re with him.  It’s what he’ll think about when he is experiencing a lousy day.  The thought of your smile may be just what gets him through it – and when the day is done, you’ll be what he’ll want to rush home to.

Take an Interest in His Life

We all have a tendency to be selfish.  We like what we like and want to do what we want to do.  Even if his interest in duct tape artwork bores you to tears, suck it up every now and then.   Take a genuine interest in his hobbies, his friends and his family. Show him you care about the things that are a part of his life. When he knows you are a good sport, you will be top of mind as he plans his next activity, with you by his side.

Stay Reasonably Connected

Thanks to texting, we can stay connected throughout the day.  Don’t go nuts though!  A text saying you’re thinking of him is sweet, but if you overdo it – you’ll creep him out.  Texting should involve a bit of strategy.  Don’t send him the same type of text - at the same time every day. Instead, text him to ask how his presentation went.  Send him something to make him chuckle – ie: how your grumpy boss should take a long walk on a short pier.  Ask him if he has the Season 2 DVD set of Revenge.   Keep your texts varied and interesting. Show him you’re thinking of him but that you have other things going on as well.

Look Your Best

Let that little red dress you wore Saturday night be the vision he can’t get out of his head on Monday.  Some times we tend to reserve our best attire for a special occasion.  Put your best foot forward, always.  Hook him from the start, or you may miss the opportunity - or “special occasion” to show him how awesome you look in that red dress.  Make sure your hands are soft and your nails are neat.  Make the scent of your perfume linger after you leave.  Guys like “pretty.”  Sure, you may have a great personality; you may be a genius; you may be the sweetest person he’s ever met; and that’s all great!!  But, never forget that men are visual creatures and if you want to be top of mind with the guy, do your best to look your best.