Ice Cream! Triple chocolate fudge brownie with hot fudge on top! That may help for a few minutes - but if you're upset now, you're going to feel even worse if you make that a habit, so let's consider some healthier alternatives to getting over that "perfect one."

First, that person was obviously NOT the perfect one for you, or else you'd still be together. Logic should tell us that - "SWEET" - that means the perfect one is still out there!! Second, give yourself a break. This doesn't mean to deny yourself the tears, or the grieving process, but don't blame yourself. It wasn't because of something you said, or the day you didn't look your absolute best. Sometimes things just don't work out. That doesn't mean your a bad person, it just means you weren't the right one for THAT person. So cry, pray, and let it all out, then give yourself permission to have fun again.

Call your college friend and laugh about the crazy stuff you did back in the day.

Go see your niece or nephew. it's hard not to lighten up around a kid - espceially when they're likely to say something totally outrageous to get your attention.

Clean your house. Not much fun - but you'll be putting positive energy into something that's yours (and you'll feel better afterwards as you light candles and start a movie marathon. Ice cream is totally acceptable here!)

Start a new exercise routine. Walk, run, bike, swim, do the harlem dance. Keep moving. You'll release endorphines which naturally improve your mood.

Make a bucket list. Get your best friend to commit to joining you on some of your to-do items. This will hold you accountable, and you'll enjoy planning.

Buy a convertible that you can't afford. JOKING!!! Just checking to see if you were still engaged here!!) DO NOT do that.

Grill out. Being outside - even in the cold months puts a new perspective on things.

Increase your workload. So, this may not sound so appealing, but, unless your ex is at work, you are less likely to think about him / her if you're deeply engrained in a project. You may earn overtime, get a raise, or at the least - get recognition from the boss. When you're feeling sad, about a break-up, any positive reinforcement from someone else helps.

Know deep down that the pain will subside eventually. You deserve a great person that loves you, and you will find love again. In the meantime, have some fun and be good to yourself!