No one said dating must be reserved for evening hours. Daytime rendezvous are just as exciting – if not more fun, as there are so many options during the day. Here are some of our favorites:

Lounge by the Pool - Great for one-on-one conversations.

Volunteer at a Shelter - This is a great way to serve others and gain insight into your partner’s level of compassion.

Lunch Date - Awesome meals aren’t just reserved for dinner!

Go for a Hike - Exploring nature can be refreshing, and you can mark the gym off your list for the day!

Amusement Park - But not when it’s crowded because waiting in line with hot sweaty people is no fun at all. Pick an off day.

Skiing - Snow and Water skiing are fun: never a dull moment.

Theater - Tap in to your artsy side and see a play. It doesn’t have to be Broadway. Local theaters often put on magnificent shows!

Art Gallery - Speaking of your artsy side…No one will blame you if you don’t know they difference between Degas and Monet. If they’re the type that would judge, they’re probably too busy showing off their knowledge to notice you anyway.

Ball Game - Many major league ball teams have day-time games. There’s no better environment for beer and hot dogs!

Bowling - This past-time has emerged into something quite spectacular over the years. Some bowling alleys have light shows, pumping music and the past few I’ve gone to actually had great food and a full wine and beverage menu.

Golf - This is perfect, unless you’re the high-strung golfer. If you can manage your emotions, it's the great opportunity to combine conversation and sport in one afternoon.

Beach - Dread the bathing suit? What a better way to get that first appearance out in the open. Get it over with! Your better half is most likely as timid about the situation as you!

Picnic - Romantic and it involves food. What’s not to LOVE?

The Zoo - Animals are fun to observe and there will be no lack of conversation on this date. But, just like the amusement park, you’ll want to pick an off day. The only thing worse than being surrounded by hot sweaty people is to add the aroma of the rhino to the mix and it can get pretty “ick.”

Get out there and enjoy the daylight hours!!

Happy Dating!!