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DateDialogue was created out of sheer necessity to get a second opinion
Quickly We understand that moment of anxiety. - when you don’t know whether you should pick up the phone or not – but you do on a whim…and later wished you hadn’t.

DateDialogue is your safe zone, where you can anonymously discuss your dating situations with others – and make a decision based on opinions from those with an outside perspective. We will be bringing relationship consultants into the mix for advice; and welcome anyone to join the conversations.

Dating can be hard. When you put your heart on the line, your age, gender, race, social status or financial situation, really doesn't matter. Most of us have had our heart broken, and therefore, make decisions based on our own perceived successes or failures. What if we could discuss our situation with others who don’t even know about our success or failure? What if we surrounded ourselves with a community who listens, and offers advice based on factors that aren’t tied to our personal heartstrings?

Tell Us Your Story in our dialogue below.